Dmytro Larkin

Hey there!

My name is Dmitry. Or Dmytro, that’s how to say in Ukraine. Or just say Dima. That’s ok.

I am a Buddy

I like people. Chat. Learn and share the knowledge.

I like explore new places and things.

I have a family. I love my family. I love to learn with my kids from scratch.

I am a Software Engineer

I do Ruby/Python/Go.

I have a great experience with developing products and solutions. Right from zero. Interviewing, developing ideas and MVPs. Till the product release and support on a scale.

I work with clouds. Like Amazon Web Services (AWS).

I am a Geek

I do work with electronics. That’s hobby of my life. I like to use old broken things to create something new, funny and useful. I can repair electronics when it is possible. Just for fun.